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DCTV DCU Titans Doom Patrol Arrow Legends Of Tomorrow Agents Of SHIELD Supergirl The Flash Black lightning The Gifted Runaways Cloak and Dagger

Jun 2019

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ARROW Episode Title: S07E22 "You Have Saved This City"

Emiko has spread her virus throughout the city and holds the detonator in the former Queen Consolidated building. Team Arrow, joined by Curtis, Laurel, and Ben Turner, evacuate it and disable the relay to other bombs, while Oliver confronts his sister about being better than their father. Beatrice informs Emiko that her failure to destroy Star City, while publicly exposing the Ninth Circle, has led to the council turning on her. Oliver and Emiko fight the Ninth Circle together, but Emiko is mortally wounded by Beatrice and tells Oliver to hide Felicity and their baby, before he escapes the exploding building. Oliver and Felicity announce their departure from Star City and retreat to a hideout. Following Mia's birth, the Monitor appears, demanding Oliver to hold up his part of their deal.[a] Oliver leaves with him to assist in the oncoming crisis, despite the revelation it will lead to his death. In the flashforwards, Connor and Zoe save the others. Felicity creates a computer virus that Mia and William upload to destroy Archer. The older generation leaves the younger in charge of protecting the city. After a moment with her children at Oliver's grave, Felicity leaves with the Monitor to reunite with Oliver.



THE FLASH Episode Title: S05E22 "Legacy"

 Ralph saves the dagger, which Cicada then reclaims before escaping. After Thawne's plan is explained, Nora realizes she has been played and comes up with a plan to eliminate Cicada without destroying the dagger. The team tracks Cicada to her younger self where Nora enters her mind and with help from a reformed Orlin successfully convinces her to take the metahuman cure. However, the shard in Grace's head counteracts the cure, forcing Barry to destroy the dagger with the mirror gun, resulting in the adult Grace being erased while in 2049 Thawne regains his powers. The entire team confronts and fights Thawne with Barry and Nora finally subduing him. The new daggerless timeline threatens to erase Nora. Thawne escapes after revealing the only way to save Nora is for her to reenter the Negative Speed Force. However, Nora refuses to become like Thawne and is erased while hugging her parents. Sherloque returns to his Earth while Cisco takes the metahuman cure. Captain Singh gets promoted and names Joe his replacement, while also revealing he knows Barry is the Flash. Barry and Iris discover a farewell message from Nora. The date of the crisis in the future newspaper changes from 2024 to 2019.




THE Doom Patrol  Episode Title: S01E14 ""Penultimate Patrol""

In 1946, Morden's girlfriend Millie leaves him after he is fired from the Brotherhood of Evil, calling him a nobody. In the present, the team's search for the Beard Hunter brings them to Danny the Street. Though afraid of Mr. Nobody, Danny reveals that Caulder is being held in a dimension called "the White Space". Vic apologizes to a recovering Silas for his attack, but Silas confesses that he altered Vic's memories of his accident. Vic's mother also survived the explosion, but Silas could only save one of them, and chose Vic. Flex transports the team to the White Space, where they each find themselves reliving the day their respective tragedies occur. Mr. Nobody offers to let them live out their lives differently if they give up their search for Caulder. They refuse, and Vic shows up and atomizes the villain. A year later, the team has become the next Doom Patrol, but they are caught in a time loop in which they keep dying. Mr. Nobody reveals this to be an illusion, and that they are all still in the White Space. He coerces Caulder to reveal the secret that Caulder is responsible for the events which gave each of them their powers


THE Doom Patrol  Episode Title: S01E15 "Ezekiel Patrol" 


Caulder recalls the events that led to the creation of each of the Doom Patrol members. The team goes their separate ways and attempt to integrate into society, but are summoned to Doom Manor by Danny, who has been kidnapped by Mr. Nobody. Caulder reveals why he did what he did: he was desperately searching for the means to extend his own life so that he might protect his troubled, superpowered daughter as long as possible. The team steps through a painting to rescue Danny and Caulder's daughter, who has enlarged Ezekiel and Admiral Whiskers. The two creatures have forced Mr. Nobody out and are on a rampage. The team executes Vic's plan: Rita convinces Mr. Nobody to continue his narration, which exerts control over Ezekiel and Whiskers, and the team allow themselves to be devoured by Ezekiel. Larry unleashes a nuclear blast, killing Whiskers, trapping Mr. Nobody and the Beard Hunter in the painting and reducing Danny from a street to a brick, but the others are protected by being inside Ezekiel. Back at Doom Manor, Vic slices open Ezekiel's abdomen and they step out, including Caulder's daughter, Dorothy Spinner.


Swamp Thing Episode Title S01E01 "Pilot"


In Bayou Swamp, three men who are hired to drop unknown cases into the marsh are attacked by the plants themselves, killing two of them. 48 hours later, the daughter of Coyle, the survivor of the attack, becomes deathly ill with a mysterious illness that begins to spread throughout Marais, Louisiana. Dr. Abby Arcane of the CDC, a former resident of the town, is sent to help treat the virus. After meeting up with childhood friend and now policeman Matt Cable, they come across Alec Holland, a disgraced scientist hired by Avery Sunderland for research. Alec believes that Sunderland's research is tied to the virus, and is investigating a mysterious mutagen accelerator found in the swamp water. After finding Coyle's body, Abby and Alec begin to investigate together. However, upon beginning tests, Coyle's body reanimates with plantlike tendrils that attack the two and his own daughter. After Alec 'kills' Coyle with fire, the two meet up with Liz Tremayne, a reporter and friend of Abby's. They are interrupted by Sunderland's wife, who angrily tells Abby to leave after helping with the virus. Later, Abby and Alec find the cases from the marsh, which are revealed to be releasing the mutagen accelerators into the swamp. While waiting for results on the accelerator, Alec and Abby bond, revealing bits of their pasts. Alec reveals that he manipulated test results in an experiment to prove his theories, and Abby reveals that she was responsible for the Sunderland's daughter's death. After getting the results, Alec departs alone to find the rest of the cases. In the swamp, Alec is shot by an unknown assailant and his boat is blown up with dynamite. Alec dies from his wounds, and the swamp begins to wrap him with vines. Abby rushes to the scene, only to be scared away by a tall, mossy creature with red eyes that emerges from the water.


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May 2019

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ARROW Episode Title:S07E21 "Living Proof"

OLIVER IS PUT TO THE TEST - Oliver (Stephen Amell) finds himself in a precarious position. SCPD shows up with a warrant for Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards).

THE FLASH Episode Title: S05E21 "The Girl With The Red Lightning"

CICADA II MAKES HER MOVE - Team Flash is on high alert after Cicada II (guest star Sarah Carter) threatens to unleash a dangerous virus that would put all meta-humans at risk.


Doom Patrol S01E12 "Cyborg Patrol"

Silas arrives looking for a missing Vic, who the team soon realizes has been taken by the Bureau of Normalcy. Determining that Vic is being held at the Ant Farm, Silas devises a plan to rescue him, and enlists the others to help. At the facility, Vic is tortured and Grid reboots twice, further disorienting him. Silas and the team infiltrate the Ant Farm with Jane and Larry posing as agents of the Bureau bringing in Cliff as a prisoner. Darren and his team surround and subdue the team with specialized weapons, Silas having tipped them off in exchange for access to his son. Vic is furious at what Silas has done, but Silas's "betrayal" is part of the rescue plan. Rita, who has been hiding in her elastic form inside Cliff, sets him and then Larry free. Karen emerges in Jane, and uses her power to escape before Jane reemerges. They free all of the Bureau's other prisoners, creating enough chaos for them to flee. Silas and a confused Vic argue, resulting in the former's apparent death. Mr. Nobody appears, having orchestrated Grid's reboots, and taunts Vic with what he just did.


Doom Patrol S01E12 "Flex Patrol"        

The team returns home after freeing the prisoners at the Ant Farm and takes Flex Mentallo, who is suffering from memory loss, with them. In 1964, Flex Mentallo is about to have a picnic with his wife Dolores but gets captured by the Bureau of Normalcy. Flex gets tortured and keeps resisting until the Bureau threatens to harm his wife. In the present, Cliff, Jane, and Larry try to restore Flex' memories and abilities, eventually deciding to reunite Flex and his wife Dolores. When Dolores disintegrates in front of Flex during their reunion, Flex lets loose of his powers in agony and causes an electrical outage over a large region. Rita deals with her guilt over the suicide of a young actress, who conceived a baby with a film producer after Rita arranged their "meeting" and was all alone. With the support of Rita, Cyborg decides to install Grid, stay with his injured father, and leave the team. Larry decides to give a new chance at life to the negative spirit and releases it, but he is slowly dying in the process. The negative spirit, however, returns to Larry. Mr. Nobody notices the team is ready to face him.

May 2019

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DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Episode Title: SO4E12 "The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe"
YOUR PERSONAL HELL - With darkness on the rise in 2019, the team realizes that a new host of problems have risen as they have been cleaning up history. Sara (Caity Lotz) tries to save Ava (Jes Macallan) from a fate worse than death while battling her own demons. Nora (Courtney Ford) and Constantine (Matt Ryan), work together to take down a powerful demon. Meanwhile, Zari (Tala Ashe) gets unsolicited advice from Mona (Ramona Young), Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) and even Rory (Dominic Purcell).
DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Episode Title: (#413) "Egg MacGuffin"

IT'S NOT WHAT IT SEEMS - While Ray (Brandon Routh) is worried about Nora (Courtney Ford), he is suddenly faced with his own problem that forces him to do the unthinkable. Nate (Nick Zano) and Zari (Tala Ashe) are stuck in an awkward limbo, so Sara (Caity Lotz) devises a plan to send them on an easy mission together. Meanwhile, Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) and Rory (Dominic Purcell) are approached with a lucrative offer that could upend their lives

SUPERGIRL Episode Title: SO4E18 "Crime and Punishment"
Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Lena (Katie McGrath) head to Stryker's Island to search for clues on how to defeat Lex. At the prison, Kara tries to befriend a nosy prisoner, Steve (guest star Willie Garson), who may have insight into what Lex was doing, while Lena studies an array of puzzles Lex left behind in the hopes of discovering his whereabouts. While there, a prison riot breaks out and Kara must find a way to stop the prisoners without revealing her secret identity as Supergirl. Meanwhile, Kelly (guest star Azie Tesfai) encourages James (Mehcad Brooks) to talk to someone for his PTSD, and Alex (Chyler Leigh) faces off against Ben Lockwood (Sam Witwer) after he storms the DEO and acquires some powerful weapons to hunt Supergirl.

SUPERGIRL Episode Title: S04E19 "American Dreamer"
DAVID HAREWOOD DIRECTS - As Kara (Melissa Benoist) doggedly works as a reporter to clear Supergirl's name, Dreamer (Nicole Maines) picks up the slack as National City's protector, which leads to a showdown with Ben Lockwood (Sam Witwer). James (Mehcad Brooks) takes drastic measures to relieve his PTSD.

THE FLASH Episode Title: SO5E19 "Snow Pack"
ICICLE RETURNS - When Icicle (guest star Kyle Secor) returns to enact the next phase of his devious plan, Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and her mother, Dr. Carla Tannhauser (guest star Susan Walters), must resolve their long-combative relationship to defeat the icy monster. After Barry (Grant Gustin) makes a big decision about their family without consulting her, Iris (Candice Patton) decides to take matters into her own hands.

THE FLASH Episode Title: S05E20 "Gone Rogue"
WEATHER WITCH, QUEEN BEE AND RAG DOLL RETURN TO CENTRAL CITY - Barry (Grant Gustin) continues to struggle with how he feels about Nora's (Jessica Parker Kennedy) betrayal. Brie Larvan (guest star Emily Kinney), Joss Jackam (guest star Reina Hardesty) and Peter Merkel (guest star Troy James) return to Central City. Meanwhile, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) makes a bold decision.

ARROW Episode Title: SO7E19 "Spartan"
ERNIE HUDSON ("GHOSTBUSTERS") GUEST STARS - After the Ninth Circle delivers a major setback for Team Arrow, Diggle (David Ramsey) reluctantly reaches out to a Four-Star General of the Defense Intelligence Agency (guest star Ernie Hudson) for help, despite unresolved tension from their past. Meanwhile, Oliver (Stephen Amell) discovers a piece of information that he believes will turn Emiko (Sea Shimooka) against the Ninth Circle. Alena (guest star Kacey Rohl) returns with an interesting proposal for Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards).

Doom Patrol Episode Title: S01E10 "Hair Patrol"
The Bureau of Normalcy tasks The Beard Hunter to locate Caulder. In 1913, Caulder and his partner Alistair are investigating a strange creature for The Bureau of Oddities. Alistair is seemingly killed by wolves. Caulder breaks his leg while fleeing, and is rescued by a primitive woman named Slava. Caulder falls in love with her, and discovers that she is immortal and controls the creature. Caulder stays with Slava for years, but Alistair reappears and says that the Bureau of Oddities is now the Bureau of Normalcy, with the new mission of killing any oddities they find, including Slava. Caulder kills Alistair to save Slava, and returns to the Bureau claiming she does not exist. In the present, Mr. Nobody offers Caulder the chance to save the team and be released if he reveals Slava's location, but Caulder adamantly refuses. The Beard Hunter infiltrates Doom Manor and consumes some of Caulder's facial hair from the sink drain as means to track him. Vic and Rita find and interrogate him, but he is able to get free and overpower Vic. Later, The Beard Hunter tracks down an effigy of Caulder, and Slava's creature appears and attacks him.

Doom Patrol Episode Title: S01E10 "Frances Patrol"

The team faces their shortcomings. Jane laments that they are unable to save Caulder. Cliff, accompanied by Rita, arrives at Bump's memorial service to reconnect with his daughter Clara. There, Cliff realizes how important Clara's adoptive father had been to her while he was gone and decides to affirm his love by retrieving a watch, treasured by Clara, from Frances, the massive alligator that killed Bump. Larry and John revisit their love affair through a shared dreamscape, as the negative spirit pushes Larry to reconcile with an aged John in the real world. Vic worries about his cybernetics' operating system Grid, over which he seems to be losing control as the cybernetics are slowly expanding throughout his body. Following the clue previously left behind by Danny the Street, Vic and Jane pursue a man called the "Hero of the Beach" who goes by the name of Flex Mentallo. Vic is captured by the Bureau of Normalcy during the search.

Apr 2019

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ARROW Episode Title: S07E18 "Lost Canary"
After being accused of murder and having her criminal past exposed, Laurel (Katie Cassidy) goes full Black Siren and teams up with an old criminal acquaintance, Shadow Thief (guest star Carmel Amit), to go on a crime spree around Star City. While Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) aims to bring Laurel in, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) refuses to give up on her friend and tries everything to get through to her, even summoning Sara Lance (guest star Caity Lotz) for help. However, Laurel rebuffs all her efforts, forcing the former friends to face off against each other. Kristin Windell directed the episode written by Jill Blankenship & Elisa Delson

The FLASH Episode Title: S05E18 "Godspeed"
DANIELLE PANABAKER DIRECTS - After discovering that Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) is working with Thawne (Tom Cavanagh), Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) disagree about how to handle their daughter in the wake of this shocking news. Team Flash isn't sure they can trust Nora, so they go through her journal to find out exactly how she came to work alongside their greatest nemesis. Danielle Panabaker directed the episode written by Judalina Neira & Kelly Wheeler

DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Episode Title: S04E10 "The Getaway"
When Hank (guest star Tom Wilson) commandeers the Waverider in 1973, the Legends find themselves on the run in an RV after kidnapping the President who is only able to tell the truth. With the help of Constantine (Matt Ryan), they discover the reason that none of them can lie making for an uncomfortable family road trip. Meanwhile, Nate (Nick Zano) and Zari (Tala Ashe), with the help of Nora (Courtney Ford) and Gary (guest star Adam Tsekhman), work together to find out what Hank is really up to.

DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Episode Title: S04E11 "Séance and Sensibility"
LOVE IS ALL AROUND - When Mona (Ramona Young) discovers that her favorite author, Jane Austen (guest star Jenna Rosenow), might be at the epicenter of a magical alert, Mona, Sara (Caity Lotz), Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) and Zari (Tala Ashe) find themselves in 1809. With Nate (Nick Zano) still dealing with family issues, Constantine (Matt Ryan) and Rory (Dominic Purcell) perform a séance and receive a message from the other world that rocks Constantine to his core. Meanwhile, Ray (Brandon Routh) and Nora (Courtney Ford) are forced into close quarters.

Doom Patrol Episode Title S02E08 "Danny Patrol"
Cliff and Rita seek out Jane, who is under the control of Karen, a perky but unstable personality with the power to make people love her. In their search for Caulder, Larry and Vic come across a sentient, genderqueer, teleporting street named Danny, which is being hunted by the Bureau of Normalcy. Larry remembers his own experience with the Bureau, which experimented on him in the 1960s after his accident and gave him the first glimpse of his negative energy spirit. Former Bureau agent Morris Wilson has become a drag queen named Maura Lee Karupt who helps keep Danny going by sustaining a party atmosphere. She faces off with her former partner, Agent Darren Johnson, to stop the Bureau's persecution of Danny. Jane snaps, leaving her catatonic while her consciousness retreats into the Underground.

Doom Patrol Episode Title S02E09 "Jane Patrol"

Hammerhead, a strong and dominant personality, drags Karen by the hair in the Underground and afterwards puts her behind bars. While Jane is watching from a distance, she is followed and confronted by her other personalities. With the help of Larry's negative spirit, Cliff goes into the Underground of Jane's mind in order to save her and bring her back, but is imprisoned as well. Karen is set free after she calms down. Cliff escapes from the prison and after he finds Jane, they together face her father, who appears as a giant monster made of puzzle pieces. After defeating him they leave the Underground and return to Doom Manor.


Apr 2019

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SUPERGIRL Episode Title: S04E17 "All About Eve"


SUPERGIRL FACES HER BIGGEST CHALLENGE YET - Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) must deal with the destructive aftermath of Lex's (guest star Jon Cryer) nefarious plans. Shocked at what Lex has created, Supergirl faces her biggest challenge yet.




DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Episode Title: S04E09 "Lucha De Apuestas"


BELIEVE IT OR NOT - When the Legends hear that Mona (Roman Young) has let a fugitive go, they must head to 1961 Mexico City to clean up her mess. Mona tries to convince the Legends and the Bureau that the people responsible for releasing the fugitive were some mysterious Men in Black and not her. With no evidence to back up her theory, the Legends must decide if they should trust her and go against the Bureau. Meanwhile, Nate (Nick Zano) and Zari (Tala Ashe) go on a recon mission to find out what Hank (guest star Tom Wilson) might be hiding from everyone.


Doom Patrol Episode Title: S01E07 "Therapy0. Patrol"


The team begin to go through a series of tortures. Rita struggles to figure her true identity. Larry is forced to revisit his affair with John, which is later revealed to have been devised by the energy being inside him. Vic discovers he has an online dating profile, which was taken from his system by Silas. Jane struggles to connect with her personalities. Cliff goes to confront his daughter's stepfather, only to realize it was a hallucination caused by a rat named Admiral Whiskers who, before the team went to Cloverton, was contacted by Mr. Nobody to convince him to get revenge after the team caused his mother's death. Cliff decides the team needs therapy so that they can defeat Mr. Nobody by getting to know each other more.

Mar 2019

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SUPERGIRL Episode Title: S04E16 "The House of L"
LEX LUTHOR CONTINUES TO WREAK HAVOC - In the wake of Lex Luthor's (guest star Jon Cryer) return, the show flashes back to what he's been doing for the last two years and how his secret machinations and plans have affected Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Lena (Katie McGrath).

ARROW Episode Title: S07E17 "Inheritance"
LAUREL TEAMS UP WITH OLIVER - Laurel (Katie Cassidy) learns about some damaging information that affects Emiko (Sea Shimooka). Always looking to protect his sister, Oliver (Stephen Amell) invites Laurel to help investigate, which makes Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) happy as her friend is now working with the team. However, when things go awry, Felicity is forced to make a choice between the team and Laurel.

Doom Patrol Episode Title: S01E06 "Doom Patrol Patrol"
Cliff and Victor come to an agreement while Jane, Rita, and Larry go in search of a mysterious team called the Doom Patrol.

Mar 2019

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SUPERGIRL Episode Title: S04E15) "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"


JON CRYER GUEST STARS AS ICONIC DC COMICS' VILLAIN LEX LUTHOR - Secretly furloughed from prison due to failing health, Lex Luthor (guest star Jon Cryer) visits his sister, Lena (Katie McGrath), to seek her help finding a cure. Savvy as ever, Lena is suspicious of Lex's motives but when she's faced with a life and death situation, she must decide how she truly feels about her brother. Meanwhile, Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and J'onn (David Harewood) face off against Manchester Black (guest star David Ajala). James' sister Kelly (guest star Azie Tesfai) comes to town.


THE FLASH Episode Title: S05E17 "Time Bomb"


NORA DECIDES TO TELL BARRY AND IRIS THE TRUTH ABOUT THAWNE - Team Flash finds out that a suburban mom named Vickie Bolen (guest star Catherine Lough Haggquist) is in danger and they race to save her. Upon meeting her, they discover she's a meta-human who is hiding her abilities from her family. Barry (Grant Gustin) encourages Vickie to share her secret with her family, which makes Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) realize she needs to come clean with her parents about Thawne (Tom Cavanagh).


ARROW Episode Title: (#716) "Star City 2040"


FLASH FORWARD TO THE FUTURE - Mia (guest star Katherine McNamara) and William (guest star Ben Lewis) venture into the Glades on a dangerous mission. There they run into Dinah (Juliana Harkavy), Roy (Colton Haynes) and Zoe (guest star Andrea Sixtos) who deliver some devastating news. The flash forwards share highlights from Mia's childhood with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards).


DOOM PATROL SE1E05 "Paw Patrol"


Mr. Nobody releases Caulder from captivity  to stop the Decreator using one of Jane's personalities, Dr. Harrison, whose power is persuasion to recruit a Cult of the Rewritten Book  that can oppose the Decreator. Back in the present, Cliff and  Jane try to escape Nurnheim.


Mar 2019

DCTV DCU Doom Patrol Titans Arrow Supergirl The Flash EP109

Couch Commandos 109 - which was fueled by High Commissioner.


News Not Much!

SUPERGIRL Episode Title: (#414) "Stand And Deliver"

SUPERGIRL TAKES A STAND - Between Ben Lockwood's (Sam Witwer) new push to stir up the anti-alien movement and the Elite's desire to target Lockwood and his minions, Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) is concerned about the safety of the American people - both human and alien. When Lockwood organizes a rally, the aliens decide to peacefully protest. Brainiac (Jesse Rath) and J'onn (David Harewood) join the alien march while Supergirl and Dreamer (Nicole Maines) patrol to keep everyone safe. Meanwhile, James (Mehcad Brooks) picks up his camera again to cover the march for CatCo, and Hayley (April Parker Jones) assigns Alex (Chyler Leigh) a job that clashes with her beliefs. When The Elite and Ben Lockwood stir up trouble at the rally, Supergirl is forced to take a stand.


ARROW Episode Title: (#715) "Training Day"

TEAM ARROW ATTEMPTS TO WORK WITH SCPD - Team Arrow attempts to work with the Star City Police Department but much to Oliver's (Stephen Amell) frustration, things don't go as planned. Meanwhile, Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) gets some life-changing news.



THE FLASH Episode Title: (#516) "Failure is an Orphan"

THE META-CURE IS READY TO USE ON CICADA - With the meta-human cure ready to use, Barry (Grant Gustin) and Team Flash must figure out a way to subdue Cicada (Chris Klein) long enough to take it. Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) steps in to help with the plan. Meanwhile, Joe (Jesse L. Martin) eases back into work, and Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) isn't happy about the way her dad plans to stop Cicada.


Doom Patrol Episode Title S01E04 " Cult Patrol"

As the team recovers from the fight at Fuchtopia, Willoughby Kipling (guest star MARK SHEPPARD), a magician and an old friend of Niles Caulder’s, unexpectedly conscripts the Doom Patrol into helping him avert the end of the world by stopping a nihilistic cult. Unfortunately though, the Doom Patrol fails and the Apocalypse begins!





Mar 2019

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SUPERGIRL Episode Title: S04E13 "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?"

SUPERGIRL FACES OFF AGAINST THE ELITE - Manchester Black (guest star David Ajala) breaks out of prison with the help of his new team, The Elite, who are set on punishing the anti-alien forces. Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) pulls double duty as she tries to apprehend Manchester Black and his team as well as deal with a shocking new development with Ben Lockwood (Sam Witwer).


THE FLASH Episode Title: S05E15 "King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd"

When Gorilla Grodd  attacks Central City, Barry (Grant Gustin) and Team Flash find themselves teaming up with an unexpected ally to defeat - King Shark . However, when they hit a snag, they bring in Dr. Tanya Lamden  to try to reach the man behind the shark

ARROW Episode Title:S07E14 "Brothers & Sisters"

DIGGLE AND LYLA DEPLOY THE GHOST INITIATIVE - After months of covertly pursuing Dante, Diggle (David Ramsey) and Lyla (guest star Audrey Marie Anderson) finally have a solid lead on the elusive terrorist, so they deploy the ARGUS Ghost Initiative to apprehend him. Meanwhile, Oliver (Stephen Amell) tries to bond with Emiko

Doom Patrol Episode Title:S01E02 "Donkey Patrol"

Morden takes Caulder into the vortex, and Jane follows, after which the vortex devours Cloverton.


Doom Patrol Episode Title:S01E02 "Puppet Patrol"


Vic Gloads the others into a road trip to Paraguay, hoping that by learning what happened there in 1948 they can find Caulder.

Feb 2019

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SUPERGIRL Episode Title: S04E12 "Menagerie"

DC COMICS VILLAIN MENAGERIE APPEARS - With his P.I. shingle newly hung outside his office, J'onn (David Harewood) welcomes new clients. Trying to take her mind off what happened at the DEO, Kara (Melissa Benoist) decides to team up with J'onn on his latest assignment, which unfortunately ends up tying directly into Alex's (Chyler Leigh) current investigation that involves the villain Menagerie (guest star Jessica Meraz). Meanwhile, Lena (Katie McGrath) shares some news with James (Mehcad Brooks), but his reaction isn't what she expected. Nia (Nicole Maines) invites Brainy (Jesse Rath) to her Valentine's Day party.



Doom Patrol Episode Title: S01E01 "Pilot"

DOOM PATROL is a re-imagining of one of DC's most beloved groups of outcast Super Heroes: Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl and Crazy Jane, led by modern-day mad scientist Dr. Niles Caulder (The Chief). The Doom Patrol's members each suffered horrible accidents that gave them superhuman abilities - but also left them scarred and disfigured. Traumatized and downtrodden, the team found purpose through The Chief, who brought them together to investigate the weirdest phenomena in existence - and to protect Earth from what they find. Part support group, part Super Hero team, the Doom Patrol is a band of super-powered freaks who fight for a world that wants nothing to do with them. Picking up after the events of TITANS, DOOM PATROL will find these reluctant heroes in a place they never expected to be, called to action by none other than Cyborg, who comes to them with a mission hard to refuse, but with a warning that is hard to ignore: their lives will never, ever be the same.

The team, tired of being stuck in Doom Manor, decides to visit the local town while The Chief is away. However, this seemingly harmless field trip leads to some grave consequences, including an encounter with the mysterious and powerful Mr. Nobody.